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Big Blue (716)  Test L3 10/13

Kindness of Adriana Murpy

1.complaint k&m-'plAnt

2.complex 'käm-"pleks

3.compliment 'käm-pl&-m&nt

4.conceal k&n-'sE(&)l

5.conduct 'kän-(")d&kt

6.conference'kän-f(&-)r&n(t)s, -f&rn(t)s

7.congratulate k&n-'grach-&-"lAt

8.conscience 'kän-ch&n(t)s

9.consent k&n-'sent

10.contrast k&n-'trast, 'kän-"trast

11.contribute k&n-'trib-y&t, -(")yüt

12.conviction k&n-'vik-sh&n

13.cooperate kO-'äp-(&-)"rAt

14.corporation "kor-p&-'rA-sh&n

15.counterfeit 'kaunt-&r-"fit



18.dainty 'dAnt-E

19.debate di-'bAt

20.debt 'det   


Drop the final silent e before adding a suffix that begins with a vowel.

Capitalize the names of the months, names of particular places, first word in a direct quote

Use a comma after the year  in a full date when the sentence continues.

Use a comma before the opening quotations in a direct quote. (mid sentence)

Imperative sentences have the understood use as the subject many times.


Take out the garbage.  Subject=(You)

To find the subject and verb of an imperative sentence (one that asks a question)turn the question into a statement.

Did you like the play?

You _did like     the play.  

Articles=the, a, an

conjunctions=and, or, but

Place a comma in a series before the and

Suffix rule:

Keep the the final e when the suffix begins w/ a consonant.

Capitalize  a person's title, days of the week

Class Notes